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Can an Out of State Porsche 911 Pass the CA Smog Check?

I'm looking to buying a 2005 Porsche 911 that was first sold in Florida and the second owner/car is located in Utah. Will this car pass the California smog requirements and will I be able to register it in CA?


There is a difference with 49-state emissions legal systems and 50-state (California) emissions however a USED 49-state emissions equipped vehicle, such as in the case of a 2005 Porsche 911 from out-of-state, can pass the California smog test and receive DMV registration.

Note, a new vehicle on the other hand, can not be registered (or pass smog) in California if it is not California emissions certified.

The smog inspection for 2000 and newer vehicles consist of a visual and functional inspection of the vehicle's engine emissions system. So long as the engine's emission system has not been tampered with, the check engine light is not on, and the emission monitors are ready, the vehicle can pass the smog test without any emissions modification; no smog parts need to be added. Since the Porsche 911 you plan on buying is 2000 and newer it will not need to undergo the tailpipe portion of the California smog inspection.

posted by SmogTips Support

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