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Vehicle Registration

Jeep Wrangler Sport DMV Registration Is Due In 7 Days

I've been failing my smog checks in California Los Angeles where I live. I've repaired my Jeep Wrangler and trying to get it ready for emissions test but the oxygen sensors are still not ready and I've driven it for over 300 miles already. My question is since my due date is coming up should I go pay it without the smog? Or do I ask for an extension? I don't want to get fined extra because I'm late. What do I do.


We highly recommed paying registration renewal fees for your Jeep Wrangler now. This will stop the DMV from penalizing you for late payment. Once the renewal is paid, you'll have time to continue with solving the Emission Monitor problem your Jeep is experiencing.

Note, having paid your DMV fees will NOT allow you to drive your Jeep, it will only stop it from getting late fees. In order to legally operate your Jeep on public roadways, you'll need to obtain a Temporary Operating Permit (TOP) after you pay your renewal fees. TOPs come in two forms: One (1) Day Permit and Thirty (30) Day Permit.

If you process your renewal through the link above, they can send you a one-day operating permit (we believe you can request multiple) for free. You only need to request one after you place your order. The other option is to request a 30 day moving permit from the DMV for $50.00. You'll need to use the DMV's Virtual Office system to request a 30 day permit.

posted by SmogTips Support

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