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Vehicle Registration

Do I Need Smog Check To Revived Title?

My vehicle passed the California smog test in March of 2021 and then it was deemed Salvage in June 2021 after an accident. Will another smog test be required when I register the vehicle; for a revived salvage title?


No, you should not need a new smog check inspection for the purpose of  reviving your vehicle's salvage title unless the vehicle's biennial smog check requirement is due. You will however need a VIN verification and Brake & Lamp inspection; which is explained in detail at NeedTags. See this page... How To Clear a Salvage Title

The following doesn't sound like it applies to you so we'll mention it for other readers. A vehicle will require an emission inspection if its biennial smog check is due OR is the vehicle is undergoing a title transfer while its salvage certificate is being revived.

This applies most often to those who have purchased a vehicle with a Salvage Certificate from an auction or junk yard (which is where most salvage vehicles are sold), repaired said vehicle, and now attempting to register the vehicle in their name.


posted by SmogTips Support 09-10-2021 03:16 PM

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