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Failed Smog Test

1999 Chevy blazer p0410 code coming up replaced smog pump and check valve still service engine light

they tell me to replace fuse under hood Its not listed as air pump what is it listed as and is this all I should check or could it be something else


P0410 does indicate a fault with the secondary air injection system. If the problem is in fact the fuse you will not find it in the fuse box. There are two fuses which belong to the Air Pump located near the battery. One should be a 30amp in-line fuse and the other a regular 10amp in-line fuse.


To make sure that the pump is not working before checking the fuses you should disconnect the hose running from the air pump to the top of the engine and on a cold start check to see there is air being pumped through the hose. If there is none, either the pump for fuse is defective. Since you've already replaced the pump there's a good chance one of the two fuses are blown.


The defective vacuum switch can also cause a P0410 fault, but once again since this part is new as well we can lean on the fuses. Good luck.

posted by SmogTips Support 04-20-2010 09:25 AM

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