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2001 Toyota MR2 - Question regarding vehicle CAP repair eligibility based on smog test results.

I was just told by a smog station that in order to be eligible for the CAP program that ones vehicle must be under the numbers that are what your car was when it was new, . he said there are three sets of numbers that they can go by the first being the number that is the MAX. allowed to pass and this is the number a car must be under if your NOT getting CAP assist. HOWEVER he stated that in order for me to qualify my vehicle will have to be below a diff set of numbers which are the Average numbers my car would have tested when it was brand new!! this could cost thousands . is this true i would have to produce a different result of numbers than what is allowed for someone not getting assist?


This is not accurate. Your Toyota MR2 is eligible for CAP repair assistance regardless of what emission numbers is failed for or at, so long as it failed the smog check. The only condition is that your vehicle not fail the smog check for a tampered, missing, or modified emission components. That's the only thing CAP will not approve of. In those circumstances vehicle owners are asked to repair the tamper/s on their own, and return to the smog test station for a re-test.


One pint to note about CAP repair assistance... Beginning January 2011 they will only approve low income applicants. Download an application copy off of to see what the current low income stats are.

posted by SmogTips Support 02-09-2011 12:27 PM

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