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1986 Toyota Corolla - I need a smog check exemption. My car failed.

My car is running really well but failed the smog check for HC and CO as the compression ratio for 2 pistons had low numbers. When oil was added, those numbers increased above normal. I was told there was no pollution above 25 mph but between 15-25 it was bad. I love my car and have looked after it and I cannot afford another. My other choice is a new engine which is also expensive but I could do it. If DCA recycled old cars I might go for the retirement check, but they don't and I don't want my car just crushed. I was told that CAP will provide a 2-year hiatus for old cars but I don't see anywhere I can apply. Please let me know if it exists and how to apply.


There is a two year (one time) smog check extension that is allowed for your 1986 Toyota Corolla. It is not heavily promoted by the BAR, which is probably the reason you couldn't find much information about it online. But the process requires that you first apply for CAP repairs, get accepted, have a CAP Gold Shield Repair shop try to repair and get your Toyota to pass, and then if it still fails after the $500.00 in repairs given by CAP (and you can not afford to pay any more money yourself), you will be given a two year smog exemption by the State Smog Referee. FYI... Recently the state of California began accepting CAP repair applications from low income vehicle owners only. On the other hand, vehicle retirement was extended to everyone who wants to get rid of their vehicles, at any time, and for any reason.

posted by SmogTips Support 02-17-2011 11:02 AM

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