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Out of State Vehicle

I need to know what the requirements will be to get my vehicle to pass smog in California 1999 Ford F250 Superduty 4X4 Diesel.

My truck is registered in Colorado and I am looking at registering it in California and I need to know all that is required for diesel engine vehicles to pass smog. I did not know that diesels had smog requirements and I read some information but my truck is just shy of being exempt because of the year and weight. It was manufactured in June of 1998 and it weighs 8,800 lbs. Can you please tell me what I will need to do to get my truck to pass smog. My livelyhood depends on me being able to get to work this is my only vehicle and I need it to be legal to drive.


So long as you haven't modified your Ford Superduty's engine in anyway, you'll have no trouble passing the California smog test. It's true, there is a difference with California legal and Federal legal emission requirements. And, for the most part California is stricter. However, a USED vehicle which has all the Federal required emission components (diesel or gasoline powered), can pass the California smog inspection process and be registered in California.

posted by SmogTips Support

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