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1995 Lincoln Towncar - Question about modifications done to car?

A friend is giving me the car, but I am not sure if its worth messing with. It runs great, but there has been some changes done to it. Her husband has put a different motor in it from another car. Same size motor but configured different. So none of the air filter intake tubing fits. So he modified the whole set up with plastic drain parts and some rubber tubing to the PCV valve. So I am not sure if its even legal that way or if that will be ok for a smog check. Any help would be appreciated.


The modifications you've described will not pass the smog check; they will be considered emissions tampers. You might look into the cost of obtaining the right parts that will fit the replacement engine and see if it's worth the cost. Also, if the vehicle has not been smog checked by the state's smog check referee's office since the engine change, it will have to be now. California vehicles which have their engine's replaced must be inspected by the smog check referee in order to receive their vehicle registration.

posted by SmogTips Support 10-07-2011 01:32 PM
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