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Failed Smog Test

1992 Chevy G30 van motor home. Failed fuel evaporative controls functional test. Emission OK, Visual vacuum hose leak repaired.

Traced fuel evap line from fuel tank to engine. No leaks. Charcoal canister located under right wheel well/ Would require major suspension disassembly to replace. I am 78 years old in Chapter 13 bankruptcy and I do not have the money for major repair.


We can only recommend you apply for CAP (Consumer Assistance Program). They will pay up to $500.00 towards repairing your motorhomes EVAP problem. Download the CAP application online, complete it under the Income Eligible requirements and mail it in to the state. You will receive an answer within 3 weeks. Once you get the ok, find a CAP certified smog check repair center and take your Chevy in for diagnosis and repairs. Do not perform any work while waiting for your CAP approval. The BAR does not reimburse for work you pay for. They only pas the smog station directly.

posted by SmogTips Support 10-10-2011 07:19 AM

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