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Consumer Assistance
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  Question Answered
  I have a 1987 toyota celica which failed to pass smog recently.
by Kathleen   
Yes (1)
  1980 Toyota Corolla - California Vehicle Buy Back Program Question.
by Jessica   
Yes (1)
  1989 Toyota Celica Failed Smog Check - Vehicle Buy Back Program
by Matt   
Yes (1)
  2002 Honda Civic LX - SRS light is on
by Maria   
Yes (1)
  I want to retire my 1988 Volvo. Is the buy back program still available?
by graqhvill   
Yes (1)
  1995 MB C280 sold after passing smog test. Now buyer is claiming major engine issues.
by Warren   
Yes (1)
  1983 Mercedes 300D Diesel. Can I apply for Buy Back Program?
by Larry   
Yes (1)
  How long does it take for the state to notify me that my application for buyback has been approved?
by Greg   
Yes (1)
  Smog technician entered Nissan 240sx on smog certificate instead of Nissan 300xz. Will the DMV accept this?
by brandi   
Yes (1)
  I failed my EA advanced emission technician exam. I am looking for a specific book to help me study, any suggestions?
by melissa   
Yes (1)
  Not registered to me because failed smog test. 1988 Honda Accord.
by Rachelle   
Yes (1)
  1979 Itasca Sunflyer RV Motorhome, can I get it smog checked anywhere?
by mark   
Yes (1)
  1984 Chevrolet El Camino has been identified as a Gross Polluter.
by ELOY   
Yes (1)
  I have an Isuzu pickup truck I'd like to apply to the Buy Back Program, where do I send the application?
by Ruben   
Yes (1)
  2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with dual exhaust only has one catalytic converter (CAT), is this legal?
Yes (1)
  Smog station can not smog check my Nissan Sentra, why?
by Carolyn   
Yes (1)
  Chevy Silverado truck does it need a muffler to pass smog?
by billy   
Yes (1)
  1982 Sentra, 1.5 liter engine has headgasket problem and may not pass the smog check
by Albert   
Yes (1)
  1995 Mazda truck failed test and applying for vehicle buy back for 1,000 dollars.
by Cheri   
Yes (1)
  2001 Ford Excursion when do we or are we required to get a smog check?
by Tenisha   
Yes (1)

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