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General Smog Check

2002 Ford Taurus Transmission Check Engine Light Problem

My question is my Ford Taurus passed the emissions portion of the smog check with flying colors. However my Ford's check engine light stays on because of the transmission ECM. Why can't the smog station pass my Ford if the emission test passes? Is there a referee that can pass this? The part is over $800.00 dollars. Everthing else is working fine. Do I need to replace this?


Unfortunately the EPA considers any problem which causes the check engine light to turn on, a smog check failure. We realize the problem your Ford Taurus is facing is only transmission related, however since the Check Engine is illuminated it can not pass the smog inspection.

Your option in this case is to have the transmission fault repaired. You may consider applying for the CAP vehicle repair program which will pay up to $500.00 toward your Ford's smog check repairs.

posted by SmogTips Support 08-08-2012 10:32 PM

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