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Catalytic Converter Monitor Not Setting 2000 Toyota 4Runner

I brought my car to a Star smog station. They hooked it up to the smog machine and told me that the Catalytic converter monitor is not set. There is no check engine light. They refuse to test my car. They said it is going to fail. They advised me to keep on driving the car (Toyota 4Runner) for about 100 miles and then come back. Previously there was check engine light caused by a faulty oxygen sensor which was replaced and the check engine light was reset. Will the Catalytic converter be reset or get complete by driving the car 100 miles? Will the car automatically fail if they test with the catalytic converter not set? Can I insist on smog testing the car?


The smog station is correct. Your Toyota 4Runner will fail the smog test if the catalytic converter monitor (catalyst monitor) is incomplete. We do not recommend you insist the smog station inspect your 4Runner. It will fail the smog inspection. 2000 and newer model year vehicles need all emission monitors in ready or complete status, with the exception of the EVAP monitor. An incomplete evaporative monitor will not cause a smog check failure. It will be the only monitor allowed to be incomplete on a 2000 & newer vehicle.

Whether driving for 100 miles will complete the catalytic converter monitor or not will be dependent on your driving pattern. It is usually suggested to drive a vehicle for a few days and in both city/highway traffic conditions. There is a specific driving pattern which we've linked to below... because sometimes simply driving 200-300 miles does not complete the monitors; because of individual vehicle owner driving habits/patterns.

The Toyota 4Runner drive cycle is not simply and requires many start and stops, as well as driving at both highway and city street speed limits. If you feel you might be unable to complete the drive cycle yourself, please seek assistance from a Toyota Repair Center or smog check repair station.

How To Complete Toyota 4Runner Catalyst Monitor

posted by SmogTips Support

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