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Failed Smog Test

Toyota 4Runner Manual Transmission Incomplete Catalyst Monitor

My Toyota 4Runner won't pass the smog check. I have to have zero incomplete monitors, my 4Runner has one. The catalyst monitor is incomplete. I performed the drive cycle 2 times. The catalyst monitor will not complete.

Preconditions are met: no MIL, IAT > 50F, ECT > 176F.

Drive cycle: 3min 40-55mph (4th gear), 16 min @ 35-45 varying speed smoothly, used 3rd gear entire time, RPM around 2500-3000. For both speeds, I did not use clutch or shift.

No pending codes were set.

Two things come time mind:

1) should I be in 5th? I'd be lugging it at 35 but it would be possible. TSB makes no comment on manual transmissions and gears.

2) I know for a fact that the clutch sensor is really sensitive because I always have to "push up" the clutch 1/16th of an inch with the top of my left foot to get the cruise to operate, otherwise it thinks the clutch is depressed. (yes, the slightest tap of the clutch pedal with cruise on will disengage cruise).

So, is the drive cycle not completing because its thinks I am shifting gears? Do I need to do it in a different gear?

The battery was disconnected several times earlier this year so I know all the other other drive cycles have completed successfully with the current condition of the vehicle.


We recommend fixing the clutch switch. It is more than likely causing the catalyst monitor to not complete.

As far as which gear to be in, the drive cycle does not specify a certain RPM, just vehicle speed in MPH. It's best to perform the drive cycle in gears which do not strain the engine.

posted by SmogTips Support

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