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Smog Check Repair

Estimate to Fix Chevy P0446 Trouble Code

One month ago I had to replace the battery on my Chevy Silverado. I have been driving all over since then. A couple of weeks ago I went for a smog test. It passed all other inspections but failed the monitor portion because the catalyst monitor, EVAP monitor, and EGR monitor were not ready. The smog technician told me to drive it for 2 hours in a certain way. He explained because it only needed the computer to register the failed systems. I have been driving according to instructions but now the check engine light turned on... so I have another problem. It was checked again and I was told that the only thing that needs to be repaired is the trouble code P0446 EVAP Control System Vent Circuit Malfunction.

I can not find a mechanic who can provide me with a more accurate estimate of how much would it cost to fix this problem and to pass inspection. I would like to know if you can help me on this or give me an advice. Thank you.


It could be tough to get a simple quote for repairing P0446 EVAP Control System Vent Circuit Malfunction only because most repair stations will probably want to conduct a diagnosis first to learn whether the fault causing the trouble code is the vent valve, electrical wiring or harness, or any broken or disconnected EVAP hoses or vacuum lines, or both; and will not quote or perform this repair without first ensuring the component has a problem.

The part itself is called the Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid. It is a black plastic box located on the truck's chassis, on the drivers side and near the fuel tank. It has hoses leading to it from the gas tank and EVAP charcoal canister. The part sells for as low as $40.00 online, but we can not vouch for quality. We'd recommend the dealer or OEM part for proper fit and operation. Labor should take no longer than 3 hours, including verification of functionality, but not including any repair or test in regards to the smog inspection. This is simple an estimate if you were to walk into a repair show and say, "How much to change my EVAP vent valve?". The smog check end of it will depend on the condition of your vehicle and how long it takes to actually diagnose the P0446 trouble code. Usually smog repair diagnosis takes 2 hours. The average hourly rate for smog check repairs/diagnosis at the time of this writing is $65.00.

posted by SmogTips Support 10-24-2016 12:18 PM

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