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Will Chevy Silverado Pass With Incomplete Catalyst Monitor?

I am wondering if my 2007 Chevy Silverado will pass the smog check with an incomplete Catalyst monitor? I've been having trouble with my truck and I recenelty had it repaired. They actually changed the catayltic converter. I was told to drive the truck for a few hundred miles to get the catalytic monitor to become ready for the emissions inspection. It's been well over 500 miles now and the monitor won't get complete. Can I pass the smog check in this condition if I show them proof that I had the CAT replaced? This is a gas engine powered truck.


As of the time of this post, the California Bureau of Automotive Repairs allows only for the following incomplete emission monitors. It appears your Chevy Silverado's catalyst monitor must be Complete or Ready status in order for your truck to pass the smog check inspection.

Gasoline vehicles:

- 1996-1999 model year vehicles will be allowed one incomplete readiness/emission monitor

- 2000 and newer model year vehicles will need all emission monitors in READY or COMPLETE status, with the exception of the EVAP monitor. AN incomplete evaporative monitor will not cause a smog check failure. It will be the only monitor allowed to be incomplete on a 2000 & newer vehicle.

Diesel vehicles:

- 1998-2006 model year vehicles are required to have all monitors complete or ready.

- 2007 and newer model year vehicles are allowed only an incomplete exhaust after-treatment system monitor (e.g., particulate filter, NOx/SCR treatment, catalyst, etc.)

posted by SmogTips Support 06-14-2019 05:53 PM

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