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2001 Chevy Silverado OBD II Not Ready After 7 Months

OBD II not ready on my Chevy Silverado after 7 months and thousands of miles of driving. Is this an easy fix, or am I going to need to donate a kidney in order to afford the repairs? Originally I got the "OBD II Not Ready" notification back in January. I was told that the drive cycle just needed to be completed.  I went back for over a month for testing every couple of days with no luck. I have tried to complete the drive cycle several times, and have no idea if those times were successful, as the OBD II still is not ready. I have discovered a dirty battery terminal that may have been resetting the computerr. I fixed that, but not sure why it still isn't ready.   The dealership wants to charge me for a smog check ($60) plus another $140 for "diagnostics". Is this my only option?  I have 420,180 miles on this truck. It's the second engine (the first one was replaced after last smog check that wouldn't pass). I changed out both catalytic converters and O2 sensor. The air filter was also replaced during that time.


Your best bet is going to be with a dealer or smog check repair station diagnosis. Thousands of miles of driving and with having followed the Chevy Silverado drive cycle, and still not ready OBD-II monitors will require some hands-on investigation.

A repair shop will need to put your truck on a dynomometer and begin scanning the ECM as the vehicle is being driven through its drive cycle. They will be able to detect exactly where and when the drive cycle is failing, and why certain monitors are unable to complete.

posted by SmogTips Support 08-07-2017 08:15 PM

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