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I Want To Retire My 2001 Ford Windstar Through CAP

My 2001 Ford Windstar has a lot of problems, including low piston pressure in one cylinder. The check engine light is on. It drives really poorly, but it does meet the requirements for retiring. However, it passed its last smog test almost two years ago, so I can't retire it under the program because it didn't fail the last test. It is due for another smog in February, but I want to smog it now so that I get the failed smog and can retire it. Is this possible to do or do I have to wait until DMV sends me the renewal? Thanks!


You may obtain a smog check at any time. You do not need to wait for your vehicle's registration renewal period. Visit a smog station and ask for a smog check that will be used to apply for the California vehicle retirement program. If you plan on applying for the program as a Low Income applicant your vehicle does not need the fail the smog test. You may be eligible even if the vehicle passes. If you are not applying as a low income applicant, your Ford Windstar must fail the smog inspection.

posted by SmogTips Support

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