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1997 Buick Regal High Miles and Check Engine Light On

Would it be best to do the oil change before taking it to have the smog test done? My Buick's check engine light is on also. I'm hoping the oil change will turn off the light.


Do not get a smog check with the check engine light on. Your Buick Regal will not pass the test. The check engine light being ON is an automatic smog failure. Changing the oil will not turn off the light.

NOTE: A smog check technician is NOT required to refuse inspecting your Buick if he/she notices the check engine light is illuminated. You must have the check engine light diagnosed by a smog check repair station. They will retrieve the trouble codes which are stored in the ECU, which will lead them to repair the fault(s). Once the trouble codes are retrieved, fault(s) repaired and check engine light reset, your Regal will need to be driven approximately 200 miles in order to complete its Emissions Monitors; it will then be ready for a smog check.

posted by SmogTips Support 12-16-2016 09:30 AM
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