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Scion tC Want to Apply For CAP Repair Program

My Scion is needing a new catalytic converter, diagnosed by a smog shop. My registration is due the end of July, as well as a smog check. Am I able to go ahead and try and smog it now? I'll fail almost guaranteed. I want to try and get the $500 financial assistance voucher, and get this fixed ASAP. Is it too soon to smog test it?


The CAP Vehicle Repair program is reserved for vehicles which fail their biennial smog checks. You may not apply for CAP with a failed smog inspection which was obtained outside of your vehicle's registration renewal period. We recommend waiting to get your registration renewal notice in the mail, taking the renewal notice with you to the smog station, and explaining to the shop that you are seeking a smog check for the purpose of registration renewal. They will enter into the smog machine that the smog test was obtained for renewal purposes and with that, if your vehicle fails, you may apply for CAP repairs. Now, since you mention your registration will expire end of July, in case the approval process for CAP and the time it takes to repair your Scion gets close to the exact expiration date of your current registration, the DMV will give you a free 30 day temporary registration permit. You can obtain one at a local DMV office when you show them proof of your CAP application and failed smog check report.

posted by SmogTips Support

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