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Chevy Express Diesel Cargo Van Check Engine Light On

CEL is on steady on my Chevy Diesel van. It is not blinking. There are no starting problems and no smoke. I recently replaced the glow plugs and have driven for over 500 miles. The CEL is back on again.


We're going to have to recommend using a scan tool to find out exactly which trouble(s) are triggering the check engine light to turn on. Was it initially a glow plug problem and that is the reason why you replaced them? If so, and unless you replaced all the glow plugs, are you certain you replaced the correct glow plug. If you have an OBD II scan tool, check the trouble code again and verify the correct plug was replaced. The check engine light should not re-illuminate once the fault is repaired. Also, if you do have a trouble code, you may want to quickly clear the code(s) and then see which ones reappear immediately or after driving a few days.

posted by SmogTips Support

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