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Diesel Truck OBD II Monitor Smog Regulation and Incomplete Allowed

Hello, Where can I find the regulation regarding Number of incomplete monitors allowed to pass on diesel powered vehicle so I can show the smog check technician? The technician says my 2016 Ram diesel truck must have 100% pass ODB II, were as your website states “2007 and newer model year vehicles are allowed only an incomplete exhaust after-treatment system monitor (e.g., particulate filter, NOx/SCR treatment, catalyst, etc.)” which applies to my truck. If I have a copy of this regulation, I can show the technician and get my truck smoged and registration completed which was due last month. Thank you.


Hello Kevin. Sorry you're having trouble with your Dodge Ram's smog check. No documentation may sway your smog technician's decision to not test your diesel truck with incomplete monitors. You can still try however, and rather than using the SmogTips page which discusses number of incomplete emission monitors allowed for diesel vehicles, we'd recommend going straight to the source. Follow the link below to download California's Smog Check Reference Guide (updated as of Jan 2018).


See page seven (7) which explains the number of allowed monitors for diesel and gas engines. See if this will sway your smog technicians mind. If not, seek inspection from another facility or the state's smog check referee's office; which you may contact by calling (800) 622-7733.

This is our suggestion only if there is no underlying issue or special instruction for your Dodge Ram diesel truck which the smog check machine is prompting. In other words, if the technician is hooking up your truck to the OIS-DAD emission test unit and the test tool is advising all monitors need to be ready, then there may very well be a special circumstance specifically for your vehicle which the BAR has required.

posted by SmogTips Support

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