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Subaru STI AWD Concerned About All Wheel Drive Smog Test

I received a notice from CA DMV that my Subaru requires a smog check. My question is do I just take it to any smog shop locally or do I need to look for a specific one due to my vehicle being AWD. I had read horror stories about smog shops not being knowledgeable when it comes to all wheel drive cars and ruining transmissions.


2000 & newer vehicles are administered the new OIS-DAD inspection which does not require the vehicle to be driven on a dynamometer... as such, there is no concern about proper smog test method selection.

In the past, pre-OIS-DAD inspection, smog technicians were required to tell the old BAR-97 smog machine that the vehicle which was being inspected was equipped with all wheel drive (AWD) and the smog machine should bypass the dyno (2-speed) portion of the smog inspection. Unexperienced smog techs would not realize a vehicle was equipped with all wheel drive and attempt to perform the 2-speed test, locking up the ABS or traction control systems on vehicle.

That's not the case so much these days, as all wheel drive vehicles are much more common and 2000 & newer gasoline powered vehicles no longer need the 2-speed (BAR-97 ASM) inspection. The new test comprises of simply a check of the vehicle's engine emission control system (OBD-II check via the Data Link Connector) and a visual inspection of emission components.

posted by SmogTips Support

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