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2011 Honda Fit Replaced Speed Sensor for P0722

Hello I have a 2011 Honda Fit. I had trouble code P0722. I changed the speed sensor on the vehicle. Now I'm being told that there is no digital signal. I'm not exactly sure if they are telling me that the part is defective or if this has something to do with the emission monitors. Thanks for your help.


Trouble code 0722 is related to the transmission's output speed sensor. None the less, it is an emission component, and without it functioning properly, your vehicle can not pass the smog check. In this particular case, if the check engine light has turned off, then we can assume the speed sensor repair was made properly, and the reason your Honda Fit is not passing the smog check is because its emission monitor(s) are not ready for the inspection. Should this be the case, you'll simply be required to drive your Honda for 200-300 on both city and highway traffic conditions for approximately a week. This will make the emission monitors ready.

If the check engine light has not turned off, then no need bothering with a drive cycle. A drive cycle will not complete when the check engine (CEL) light is on. Seek repair assistance to find out why the replaced speed sensor is not sending a signal to the ECC (engine control computer). If the replacement part is new, then perhaps something is wrong with the speed sensor wiring. A smog check repair station will be able to diagnose this issue.

posted by SmogTips Support

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