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Will a Smog History Print Out Be A Valid Smog Certificate?

I bought a car yesterday from a private party and he didn’t have the smog certificate on hand. What he did have was the vehicle smog history print out. It does say pass but in order to register the vehicle in my name will this be a valid smog certificate? The price of the car was lowered due to him not having the original certificate but I’m not sure if the dmv will accept this as a smog certificate.


Great question! Yes, your vehicle's smog history is proof of a valid smog certificate. In fact, your vehicle's smog check results are electronically sent to the DMV from smog check station which inspected the vehicle. In actuality, the DMV clerk should be able to check their computer system and verify your vehicle having passed the smog inspection without you providing any smog inspection related paperwork; but just to play it safe, do take with you a copy of the smog check history when you visit the DMV to complete the transfer.

And... in case you want to avoid an in-person DMV visit, consider transferring your vehicle's title online through

Visit the website below to look up your vehicle's smog check history. The system will give you the smog check history of any vehicle when you enter the vehicle's license plate number or VIN number.

The smog check data will include:

- Make and year of vehicle

- Date and time of inspection

- Pass or Fail results

- Smog certificate number (if vehicle passed)

Vehicle Smog Check History Search

posted by SmogTips Support 03-13-2020 01:04 PM

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