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Do PCV Hoses Have To Be CARB Certified?

Hello. I am looking into replacing some of the hoses in my car as they have become brittle with age, this includes the PCV hoses. I am not tampering anything in the PCV system, just replacing the hoses with silicone hoses designated for the PCV system. Would this cause me to fail the smog check? Thank you!


A silicone hose cannot be used to replace a PCV hose. Silicone hoses cannot be used for oil and fuel applications. Considering the PCV system routes engine blow-by gases into the intake manifold, replacing an original PCV hose with a silicone version will cause a vehicle to fail its smog check; as a Tampered Emissions System. Fuel grade rubber hose is what is needed for this application.

posted by SmogTips Support

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