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Failed Smog Test

Missing Emission Sticker Caused Smog Check Failure?

Hi. I’m inCalifornia and my car has a different hood and the emissions label is missing. It failed the smog check due to a bad catalytic. I want fix it, but the smog tech said I need to have a emissions sticker too. Is he correct? And will my car not pass the smog test if the emissions sticker is missing?


Your vehicle will not fail the smog inspection if the Emissions Label is missing. A vehicle may have had its hood replaced and as a result may have lost its original emissions label. This does not warrant a smog test failure. The smog technician must use the shop's Motor Application Guide or similar information system in order to look up your vehicle's required emissions components requirements. With that guide they may ascertain whether or not your vehicle is properly equipped with the required smog devices. The missing label alone will not cause a smog failure.

posted by SmogTips Support 09-24-2021 08:54 AM

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