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Ford Taurus Transmission Shifting Out of Gear

Hi. A shifting problem started recently on my 1998 Ford Taurus right before needing to pass a smog check. My question is, if the check engine light hasn't come on, do I need to worry about this shifting problem for the smog test or should I just go ahead and get it smogged?

My mechanic thinks it might be the transmission pump, as there was evidence of an oil leak near that area on the transmission pan. The problem is that the transmission shifts into neutral when I come to a complete stop. It does not happen while slowing down and not every time, but at about 50% of complete stops. The tranny is ten years old. If the smog tech has to adjust the shifter while on the dyno, is that cause for smog test failure?

Two mechanics have said that if there's no check engine light on, go do it. Thank you for your feedback in advance.


Your mechanic is correct. If the check engine light is not on then your Ford Taurus can pass the smog check. However something to consider is that your Ford may emit excessive emissions if any other transmission problem is present other than it shifting into neutral when you come to a stop.

Furthermore a smog technician may refuse to smog check your Ford Taurus if he/she deems the vehicle unsafe to operate on the dynomometer. In general though, you may choose to have the vehicle inspected. Without an illuminated check engine light, the transmission problem you've described should not cause a smog check failure.

posted by SmogTips Support

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