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2007 Ford Taurus Air Bag Light On Will It Fail Smog?

I have a question. My wife was in an accident about 5 months ago and the air bag deployed. Her Ford Taurus is still driveable. I cut the air bag out and taped up the steering wheel. Functionally everything works fine when hooking it up to an OBD II scanner, but the Air bag light is on the dash. Will any of these issues affect my smog inspection I will have next year.


A vehicle's air bag system is not part of the smog check. An illuminated airbag light will not cause your Ford Taurus to fail the smog test. The only dashboard light which is a guaranteed smog check failure is the Check Engine Light, Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL), or Service Engine Soon light (not to be confused with the maintenance light regularly used to indicate it's light for an oil change).

posted by SmogTips Support

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