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1991 Honda Accord LX Has Dilution Problem During Smog Test

My 1991 Honda Accord is unable to pass the smog check because of a dilution problem when it's at idle. Once it gets into the low speed and high speed portions of the smog test, I'm good . I've changed the catalytic converter, cleaned the EGR valve, changed the oil filter, and basically tuned-up the car. It still pops wheelies with 168K miles. I can't seem to get it to pass the smog check during the idle portion. What next????


First thing we'd recommend is to ensure that in fact your Honda Accord is emitting high levels of O2 during idle. That's what a dilution problem represents; high levels of oxygen being emitted from the tailpipe and entering the smog machine during the smog inspection. A smog check station will be able to test your Accord's O2 levels using either the smog machine in diagnosis mode or by using a stand-alone 5 gas analyzer.

If in fact there is a high O2 problem at idle, it could be caused by a lean air/fuel mixture. Normally however, we see dilution problems when there is a large leak in the exhaust pipe. The exhaust leak will let air enter the exhaust system and cause the smog machine to not allow a smog inspection or cause the vehicle to fail the inspection.

You should also check your Honda's air injection system, specifically the air injection diverter valve. If the air injection pump is pumping air into the exhaust stream at all times (instead of when the engine is cold and/or when the engine is accelerating) high O2 emission will result. Air Injection is used to aid in the burning of HC.

Follow the link below for more information on Air injection Systems.

Defective AIR Injection System May Cause Dilution Problem During Smog Test

posted by SmogTips Support

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