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What Type of Smog Check Do I Need? 2012 Mazda 3i Touring


I didn't receive an official renewal notice in the mail (due to my error when filling out DMV Change of Address form last year by mail). Tonight I corrected the mistake by submitting online a change of address request on the DMV Website.

According to Online Registration Renewal, DMV only said "smog certification is required," but what type? Star, test only, regular? My renewal is due 4/22/18. What do you suggest I do? Thanks, Daniel


You may visit any type of smog check station, including STAR test only, STAR test & repair, Non-STAR (regular) test only center or a non-STAR test & repair station. Should you vehicle have required a STAR smog check, the DMV notices would indicate "Smog certification required at STAR station". Since the notice (or website) makes no mention of "STAR", a regular smog check is all that's needed... and which can be obtained at any California certified smog test center.

posted by SmogTips Support

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