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General Smog Check
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  Question Answered
  Toyota Camry Transmission P0750 and P0755
by Robert   
Yes (1)
  Can my Ford Taurus Pass Smog with a Misfire?
by haley   
Yes (1)
  Ford Ranger ABS Light On During Smog Test
by Marcella   
Yes (1)
  Hyundai Elantra Computer Not Ready for Smog Test
by Edgar   
Yes (1)
  How Long is a Smog Check Valid For?
by JOHN   
Yes (1)
  2006 Nissan Xterra Drive Cycle Step by Step
by terrel   
Yes (1)
  New Out of State Vehicle Smog Test Needed
by Christopher   
Yes (1)
  Chevy Tahoe Tire Pressure Sensor is Light ON
Yes (1)
  Buying a Honda Accord with Tampered Smog Part
by Monica   
Yes (1)
  BMW 325xi Check Engine Light for Vacuum Hose
by eloy   
Yes (1)
  Smog Exemption for Gifted Out of State Vehicle from Family
by Greg   
Yes (1)
  1991 Honda Accord Maintenance Indicator Is Red
by celeste   
Yes (1)
  Will Broken Odometer Fail Ford Mustang Smog Test?
by Ann   
Yes (1)
  1995 BMW 325i Failed Ignition Timing
by helen   
Yes (1)
  Toyota Sienna ABS and Tire Pressure Lights ON
by adrian   
Yes (1)
  Do I Need a Smog Test in an Odd or Even Year?
by B   
Yes (1)
  2001 Toyota Tundra OBD II Monitors Not Ready
by Rodolfo   
Yes (1)
  2007 Kia Sportage OBDII Monitors Not Ready
by Michelle   
Yes (1)
  2004 Nissan 350z Passing Smog Test with No Muffler
by Michael   
Yes (1)
  2000 Kia Sephia Fuel Gauge Trouble Code
by Jamie   
Yes (1)

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