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General Smog Check
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  Question Answered
  92 Honda Prelude w/ JDM Motor Replacement. All emission components are connected. Can I smog?
by Joe   
Yes (1)
  2004 Mitsubishi Galant - Trouble Code P0431 and P0432.
by Luis   
Yes (1)
  2001 Ford F-150 - Is muffler needed to pass smog?
by anthony   
Yes (1)
  Fuel Additive - 1993 Ford Escort prior to smog test?
by stacy   
Yes (1)
  Is the CA smog test based on the year of the car model or the year of the engine?
by Jake   
Yes (1)
  Does the California DMV hold me liable for Section 24007 (b)(2) of the vehicle Code?
by Fidel   
Yes (1)
  1990 Nissan 300zx California vehicle registration question.
by Mike   
Yes (1)
  Where can I get an 1997 Class C Winnebago (RV) Smog test done?
by jolene   
Yes (1)
  1996 Volkswagen Jetta can not communicate with the smog check machine. Why?
by Martin   
Yes (1)
  2001 Toyota Sienna with a v-6. The check engine light came on for EVAP system failure.
by fred   
Yes (1)
  1997 ford f 150 XLT Will the airbag indicator light in the instrument cluster affect my smog inspection/certificate?
by Steven   
Yes (1)
  1998 Nissan Altima fails smog check after 600 miles of driving.
by Theo   
Yes (1)
  2004 Pontiac Aztec Odometer not working. Will it pass CA smog check?
by Lee   
Yes (1)
  Honda Prelude 1997 - Buyer is taking me to court over smog check!
by Ali   
Yes (1)
  1999 Chrysler Sebring 2.5 engine turbo with a new battery
by david   
Yes (1)
  1994 Ford Mustang air bag light is on.
by TRACY   
Yes (1)
  1996 Honda Accord LX - Selling it, will it need a smog test?
by Whitney   
Yes (2)
  1996 Dodge Neon. I bought the car & the car cannot pass smog. What do i do?
by Leo   
Yes (3)
  2003 Toyota Tundra has engine light on. The code is speed control. Will it pass smog without fixing?
by Russ   
Yes (1)
  1995 Nissan 200sx with manual transmission and high mileage failed smog check for high HC, CO, and NOx.
by Joe   
Yes (1)

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