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General Smog Check
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  Question Answered
  I have a 1984 Toyota Pickup. Are there different gas emissions limits in different counties?
by Stephen   
Yes (1)
  Can I get a waiver or exemption on a subaru to 1986 vanagon conversion. Subaru made in Dec 1994.
by mili   
Yes (1)
  1995 Acura Interga - What kind of smog check when selling a used car ("Regular" or "Test Only")?
by John   
Yes (1)
  My 2000 BMW 328i's radiator started leaking after the smog test.
by Sam   
Yes (1)
  Honda Accord - Does the speedometer and gas gauge need to work in order to perform and pass the smog check?
by desi   
Yes (1)
  OBD2 testing for Model year 1996 Subaru Impreza
by Mark   
Yes (1)
  How much is a smog check for a 2003 Toyota Camry and a 2006 Toyota Corolla?
by Michael   
Yes (1)
  2006 Honda Civic Hybrid - Do I need a Smog Test?
by James   
Yes (1)
  I have a 1988 Toyota pickup truck. Do I need a smog check to register it?
by Charles   
Yes (1)
  1998 Nissan Altima. Sitting in garage for one year, now needs smog check.
by wally   
Yes (1)
  2005 Salvage Toyota Avalon Salvage Title
by Marsha   
Yes (1)
  2001 Honda Civic - Service Engine Soon light is on.
by Tammy   
Yes (1)
  Reset SRS light - 2002 Honda Civic LX
by Maria   
Yes (1)
  2001 Ford 7.3L Diesel F-350 2WD Truck. OBDII Code PO675 and PO475 - Will these codes fail the smog test?
by Richard   
Yes (1)
  1996 Mercedes C230 - Dashboard gauges are not working.
by Oscar   
Yes (1)
  How much does a smog check cost for a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?
by mark   
Yes (1)
  Is the California smog check going to get cheaper and faster?
by L   
Yes (1)
  Dodge Ram - Trouble Codes P0442 evaporated emission system leak. P0455 evaporated emmission system leak detected.
by marc   
Yes (2)
  2005 Honda Accord Hybrid doesn't need smog check?
by chung   
Yes (1)
  P0154, P0155, P1153 - What do these codes mean? And what exactly do I need to do to fix it?
by Danielle   
Yes (1)

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