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General Smog Check
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  Question Answered
  2000 Toyota Echo Gas Cap Problem
by Angela   
Yes (1)
  2006 Ford F-150 Failed Visual Inspection
by Larry   
Yes (1)
  What Warning Lights Can Be ON and Still Pass Smog Check?
by Annette   
Yes (1)
  2002 Winnebago with F53 Chassis, Possible Failed Smog Test
by Jerry   
Yes (1)
  Smog Test for Diesel Ford F-350
by jose luis   
Yes (1)
  Smog Check Buick LeSabre Again This Year
by Gina   
Yes (1)
  Mercedes Benz S600 CAN System Trouble with Smog Test
by Wave   
Yes (1)
  Does My Car Have Adjustable or Non Adjustable Ignition Timing?
by john   
Yes (1)
  Smog Check Machine Dilution Message
by john   
Yes (2)
  Toyota 4Runner SR5 Catalytic Converter that is 49-State Emission Certified
by Paul   
Yes (1)
  OBD I Ford Escort LX Smog Check is Different
by julie   
Yes (1)
  Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Replace Vacuum Lines
by Joshua   
Yes (1)
  Toyota Camry Failed for EGR Trouble Code
by Ryan   
Yes (1)
  Chevy G30 Engine Swap with GM 350 CID
by Jack   
Yes (1)
  Honda Civic Would Small Oil Leak Affect Smog Check?
by Rick   
Yes (1)
  Nissan Altima Can Adding Aftermarket Muffler Fail Smog Check
by Francisco   
Yes (1)
  GMC Yukon Dead Battery
by Amiee   
Yes (1)
  Toyota Corolla High Mileage Failed NOx
by mark   
Yes (1)
  Will my Saturn L300 Fail Smog Test Because Head Gasket Leak?
by natali   
Yes (1)
  Hyundai Sonata Check Engine Light Turned On One Day After Buying
by Lace   
Yes (1)

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