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General Smog Check
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  Question Answered
  Ford Thunderbird check engine light (Service Engine Soon) is on. How I can turn it off.
by Deric   
Yes (1)
  All smog values have deteriorated 1999 Toyota Camry CE manual 205K miles
by Rezo   
Yes (1)
  I have 2001 VW Golf. My check engine light is on. Will it fail the smog test?
by Darene   
Yes (1)
  Recently bought 2000 Infiniti failed smog test 3 times.
by Alfonso   
Yes (1)
  Honda Accord has crack in the windshield. Will it pass the smog check?
by Tori   
Yes (1)
  2001 Audi A4 - Who submits the proof of correction on a smog check when repairs were conducted by a smog mechanic?
by Fred   
Yes (1)
  Saab 1993 9000 CSE - Do I have to fail the smog check to apply for vehicle retirement?
by eleanor   
Yes (1)
  Is my 1977 Nissan 280z smog check exempt?
by gary   
Yes (1)
  1985 Chevy Malibu. Does CA require the smog check to be run at 2500 RPM?
by roy   
Yes (1)
  Will my 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier pass with the check engine light on?
by christina   
Yes (1)
  I own a 1999 Dodge Ram Pick up. How often do I need a smog check?
by Danny   
Yes (1)
  I have a 1989 Ford F250 with a fuel injected 460ci. I have a new cat back system bolted and flanged together do I need to have it welded to pass smog?
by john   
Yes (1)
  1973 Dodge 150 Van in nonoperative status. Will it qualify for California Vehicle Buy Back?
by knowlton   
Yes (1)
  2002 Mazda Protege EX Check Engine Light is On. Will it pass?
by Dinesh   
Yes (1)
  My 2000 Hyundai Accent needs a smog check. How much time do I have?
by david   
Yes (1)
  1993 Honda Civic Coupe smog testing again in less then 2 years... how come?
by matt   
Yes (1)
  Why does my 2005 Toyota Matrix need a smog check this year?
by Shadee   
Yes (1)
  2002 Acura RSX - Does smog check vary by county or region?
by Jim   
Yes (1)
  1997 Chevy 1500 4.3 liter failed system malfunction light and smog check. Tested as a Chevy Tahoe, why?
Yes (1)
  1995 Toyota Corolla - How much gas should I have before smog check?
by jax   
Yes (1)

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