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General Smog Check
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  Question Answered
  Check Engine Light On - 1998 Ford Taurus. 3.0 Liter Engine - Misfire P0301 Trouble Code.
by patrick   
Yes (1)
  1990 Nissan 300ZX. It did not pass smog check in HC, CO, and NO.
by Saro   
Yes (1)
  2000 Ford Focus communication problem with smog machine.
by Rhonda   
Yes (1)
  Selling my 2001 Honda CRV. Does it need a smog check?
by Kelly   
Yes (1)
  1996 VW Jetta - Check engine light on. How do I turn it off?
by Melinda   
Yes (1)
  2001 Mazda Miata Failed Smog Inspection as a Gross Polluter
by Tim   
Yes (1)
  1996 Dodge Grand Caravan needs a new radiator. Will it affect the smog check?
by Delphina   
Yes (1)
  My 1994 Chevy Silverado failed the smog check on all emissions, CO , HC and NO. What could be the problem?
by Fon   
Yes (1)
  Why do I have to smog check again? Just bought car in March 2010. It's a 1995 Ford Mustang GT 5.0.
by gabriel   
Yes (1)
  1991 Honda Accord did not pass smog check and is nor a Gross Polluter.
by sam   
Yes (1)
  2001 VW Beetle, Airbag light on, will it fail the smog check?
by Viv   
Yes (1)
  What smog parts required on a 1979 Chevy truck with v8 350 engine.
by lori   
Yes (1)
  1997 Honda Accord emission monitors not set, but check engine light not on failed smog inspection.
Yes (1)
  Does the smog check have the legal right to access my car's computer system?
by James   
Yes (1)
  Just smogged our Ford Mustang 4 months ago and now selling. What type of smog check do we need?
by Ginger   
Yes (1)
  1994 Acura Integra. How much does a smog check cost? We are selling the vehicle.
by Rita   
Yes (1)
  1996 Mazda Miata check engine light was on, and is now turned off.
by art   
Yes (1)
  Catalyst Monitor not ready. 2000 Toyota Camry, LE, 2.4L.
by Donald   
Yes (1)
  1997 Dodge B1500 V6 3.9L. everything seems to work, except it won't communicate with the smog check machine.
by craig   
Yes (1)
  Volvo 940 Turbo 1993 ABS light on. Will my Volvo fail smog check?
by Jim   
Yes (1)

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